4,000 + Kids With Autism Now Know How To Swim Even After Millions Believed It Would Be Impossible...

Dear Mom & Dad,

Are you struggling to find a swimming program for your child where
they actually learn to swim? 

If you said yes, don't worry because you are not the only one. 

Are you scared to death of your child eloping and wandering their way
into a body of water?
Truth be told your one of a few million facing this problem every single

We know that time is not on your side. 

And that's exactly why we created the Sensory Swim System

"Sensory Swim is helping children with autism fight back against the
dangers of wandering one extremely enjoyable, exceedingly
effective, perfectly fitted, private, special needs swim lesson
at time" - Buzzfeed

Teaching students with autism how to swim is actually a science and if
your instructors use the wrong formula the outcome is always the


It's kind of like comparing rockabilly to jazz. 

Same notes, completely different result.

But we have the "top secret" formula.

And you'll never guess how we got our hands on it.

We wrote it!

Over the past decade we have turned over 4,000 kids into swimming
machines despite their autism because Sensory Swim lessons are
guided by proven psychological principles and scientific research.

"While so many swimming programs make bold promises, Sensory Swim
quietly produces real results." -Valerie Kennedy from Richmond, 

As parents ourselves we know that keeping your child safe is your top
priority so we wanted to make sure that having us turn your child into
a swimming machine is the easiest and smartest decision of your life. 

Try Sensory Swim Absolutely Risk Free With
Our Exclusive Money Back Guarantee....

So try us for a month and if you decide that Sensory Swim isn't the perfect
fit for you and your child just email our super hero / administrative
assistant Abbey Hughes and you'll be the 3rd person in last
decade to get a prompt and immediate refund. 

No questions, no hassle , no swimming around the situation.

If you're looking for the fine print there isn't any. 

We've don't swim like that.

Here's to making your child unstoppable,
Mary & Andrew


How To Guarantee You're Never The Parent Sitting On The Side Of The Pool Begging Your Kid To Not Be Scared Of The Water

"Just a huge shout out to Sensory Swim and what a 
phenomenal job they have done with our 2 boys.  

Meet Christian

We had been trying unsuccessfully to get them to
swim for over 2 yrs and within a few months they
can both fully swim and Christian is even 
starting to do the backstroke!

Meet Brandon

Thanks Guys!!"

Stephen & Maribel McIntyre- Vienna, Virginia

I Wish I Would Have Found Sensory Swim 5 Years Sooner....

Katelyn & Sensory Swim

Meet Katelyn

"My daughter has been learning to swim with Mary
for about a year now.

We have tried private lessons for the last 5 years with
no success.

She loves the water and we wanted her to learn to
swim so she could be safe in and around the

She has made so much progress with Mary and is swimming

Mary and Andrew are wonderful people who know
how to teach kids with special needs to swim and
be safe in the water.

My daughter is finally able to hold her breath and go
underwater without choking for the first time after 5
years of trying to teach her personally and with
other professional services.

I highly recommend Sensory Swim if you are looking
for successful swim lessons for your special needs

Ashley | Leesburg, Virginia

I Want To Give You The Greatest Gift One Parent Can Offer Another Parent... Sensory Swim

"Swimming lessons with Andrew are the highlight of
our week!

My 4-year old son Calvin, who has been diagnosed
with autism, has made amazing progress in the pool
first with Mary, and then Andrew.

We started with Mary in June 2014, and then due to a
schedule change caused by the pool, switched to
Andrew at the beginning of August.


Mary & Calvin

Both Andrew and Mary are unfailingly patient, kind,
upbeat, and have an incredible knack for working
with children with special needs.

Calvin rapidly surpassed the swimming skills of his 6
-year old typically developing brother and is close to
swimming on his own.

Elizabeth Reece - Centreville, Virginia 

It's Like Being At The Super Bowl Over & Over Again

"Let me tell you a bit about Sensory Swim.

My wife was the one that did the research and came
across Andrew and Mary's website.

It sounded like a perfect idea.

Initially I contacted Andrew.

He was very prompt in returning my first phone call.

His genuine concern about every child prospect and
caring about the impact and importance of the
special swimming program, instilled credence
in how they could help my son.

Every lesson I take my son to is a learning experience.

My son is instructed by Mary, who my son has
phenomenal chemistry with.

Watching her technique, I understand what and why
she is doing it but i would never of thought of it

Andrew and Mary are God sent to our family!

Every lesson I take my son to is an exciting learning

It's very exciting watching him make progress.

I root for him behind the two way mirror like I'm at
the Super Bowl!

My son is now 4 1/2 months in and he has done
things I didn't think he could do in the water.

Thank you Andrew and Mary for being part of our journey"

Eric Cieplinski  - Washington DC

I Want To Make Sure You Didn't Misunderstand Me Because Your About To Miss Out On Something Huge

"What Andrew and Mary do is nothing short of

They are fabulous with each and every person no
matter what their needs are and their hearts
could be no bigger or more open !!


Meet Dan

It is such a pleasure to watch them in action !! :)

Judy | Sterling, Virginia 

You Do Not Want To Be The Parent Who Misses Out On This Opportunity

"Our son, Chris, has been taking lessons with Andrew for the past year.

Although Chris loves the water, he didn't have any swimming skills or strategies to stay safe in a large body of water.

After a year we are confident that Chris can tread water, can swim well enough to get to a safe spot, and that he knows his limitations in terms of coming into contact with an unfamiliar swimming hole.

Chris absolutely loves the time spends with Andrew in the pool.

He has gained a confidence that goes just beyond his swimming lessons.

It is one of his favorite activities and he looks forward eagerly to his weekly lesson.

We give the highest recommendation to Sensory Swim - to Andrew and to Mary - who truly love the kids and want to see them succeed."

Carla Sola - Ashburn, Virginia 

If You Would Have Asked Me A Year Ago If This Was Even Possible I Would Have Told You No

"Andrew has been giving my son swim lessons for
over a year now.

I wasn't sure how long it would take for Nico to learn
to swim since he was 6 and has never swam 
without a vest.


Andrew & Nico

I can tell you that not only can he swim now but he
can go to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a

This is amazing for a child that didn't ever put his
face in the water.

Andrew and Mary are exceptional instructors with
loads of patience.

They are loving and kind to my sweet special needs
child and that speaks volumes.

I would highly recommend them and Sensory Swim
- a God sent and blessing for our family.

Jan Adams - Herndon, Virginia 

Get an "Unfair Advantage" In Teaching Your Child How To Swim From A Couple Of REAL Pros

"My son Jason started Sensory Swim with Mr. Andrew
a few months ago.

In just those short months I can feel the weight of my
son drowning off of my shoulders.

Jason's favorite thing is swimming so if he sees water
(lake, pool, or ocean etc) he jumps right in
sometimes forgetting he didn't know how
to swim.

It's his autism taking over his good judgement.

I want him to be able to jump right in and swim.

When I spoke with Andrew the first time on the phone
he was all about getting to know everything about
Jason, and how he could help him.

His ability to make my kid so happy makes me really
respect his line of work so much .

He's not just changing Jasons life he's seriously
changing mine too.

I want Jason to build on many things for example his
upper body strength, self confidence, something that
can turn into a social event.

I seriously hope we can continue to stay with Sensory
Swim for a long time.

Jason wants to be the best swim machine possible.

The money is well worth the smile on my son's face
and more than anything the protection it sets up for
my family.

He will learn the mechanics to swim so he will not
drown if he does jump in the water.

I'm very lucky to have stumbled upon this great
opportunity with these great people.

Andrew and Mary are such amazing people."

Amanda Lemonsteiner | Manassas, Virginia

Click Here To Turn Your Child Into A Swimming Machine

Now You Can Instantly Double Your Child's Confidence

"My daughter went to a county-based swim class for
those with special needs.

She soon became very scared of what might be asked
of her while in the water.

They didn't get "her" at all.

At Sensory Swim, the complete opposite is true.

She not only does what Mary asks of her, but she
loves it!

The team at Sensory Swim really tailor their lessons to
the individual child, which is hard to find.

I highly recommend them for swim classes for your
child with special needs.

It has really given my daughter confidence in the pool,
but also more confidence in life."

Rachel Roberts - Ashburn, Virginia

Stop Wasting Time Learning New Skills And Learn To Supercharge The Skills Your Child Has NOW To Conquer Any Ocean And Then Book That Trip To Mexico Already!!

"My son has been going to Andrew for about a
year and a half.

He's on the spectrum and as most kids go - he
loves the water!

I was terrified hearing stories of kids
drowning especially since we were
going on a trip to Mexico and it
was pools, oceans galore.


Andrew, Eshan & Mary

He joined Sensory Swim a few months prior to
the trip with the goal of water safety.

I have to say my trip to Mexico and any other
pool visits since then have been a pleasure.

He is completely at ease with all the
abilities of floating, swimming to the
edge etc that constitute water

My younger one had water anxiety even though
he is typical.

The anxiety was very vivid and restrictive in
that he was very afraid of the water and
being in the pools.

He joined his brother for lessons with Mary
and he's now doing very well and is able
to take regular swim lessons with other
kids his age.

Sensory Swim is great and Andrew & Mary made
all the difference for my boys!"

Brinda Nair - Baltimore, Maryland

After Years Of Struggling Sensory Swim Made Me Cry Tears Of Joy!!

"For over four years our 7-year old son has been
taking swimming lessons.

We have been through four or five instructors without
making any progress.

That is until he started taking lesson with Sensory
Swim's Andrew and Mary.

Meet Xavier

We drive one hour each way for once a week lessons.

Last week, our son actually dog-paddled across the
deep end of the pool.

I have shed lots of tears watching him struggle these
last four years.

Last week, my tears were full of joy.

Andrew and Mary are helping our son to develop
confidence and a skill that he will have for the
rest of his life."

Dr. Shari Miles Cohen - Washington DC

About Sensory Swim

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Swim the most requested special needs
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CBS said "The couple draws from their
colorful educational backgrounds to 
impart indispensable knowledge
that may prevent many autistic
children and adults from

Often imitated but never duplicated, if it's
not Andrew & Mary it's not Sensory

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