Are You Raising A Child On The Autism Spectrum?

If you said "yes" this website is for you.

According to the National Autism Association the leading & most experienced organization on Autism-related wandering, prevention & response you are facing the battle of a lifetime.

Here's why

➳ In 2001, a California research team found elevated deaths in Autism and attributed it to several causes including seizures & accidents such as suffocation & drowning.

➳ In 2008, Danish researchers found that the mortality risk among the autism population is 2x as high as the general population.

 Roughly half, or 48% of children with an ASD attempt to elope from a safe environment. A rate nearly 4X higher than their unaffected siblings.

"Sensory Swim helps children with Autism fight back against the dangers of wandering one extremely enjoyable, exceedingly effective, perfectly fitted, private swim lesson at a time." - Buzzfeed

➳ Between 2009-2011 accidental drowning accounted for 91% total U.S. deaths reported in children with ASD ages 14 & younger.

➳ 32% of parents reported a "close call" with a possible drowning.

➳ Wandering was ranked among the most stressful ASD behaviors by 58% of parents.

"Sensory Swim draws from their colorful educational backgrounds to impart indispensable knowledge that may prevent many autistic children from drowning." - CBS

➳ 62% of families of children who elope were prevented from attending / enjoying activities outside the home due to fear of wandering.

➳ 40% of parents had suffered sleep disruption due to the fear of elopement.

➳ Half of families with kids who elope report they had never received advice or guidance about elopement from a professional.

How Have We Responded To This Growing Emergency?

A lot of parents find the problem so painful & overwhelming that they just block it out & hope it never comes up.

But then there are those that rise & accept the challenge ahead of them.

Parents just like you who decide to turn their child into a swimming machine at Sensory Swim.

PS. Below are just a few success stories out of the hundreds we help write every single year.

We can't wait to add yours.

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"Andrew & Mary got my son swimming in 3 weeks! 

We never expected it to happen so fast. 

Sensory Swim Sterling | Swimming Machine Luke

This has made such a difference in our lives.

Andrew & Mary really know how to connect with these special children & teach them.

They are angels from above.

Beth- Mclean, Virginia

"Just a huge shout out to Sensory Swim and what a phenomenal job they have done with our 2 boys.  
Sensory Swim Sterling | Swimming Machine Christian

Above: Swimming Machine Christian

We had been trying unsuccessfully to get them to swim for over 2 years and within a few months they can both fully swim and Christian is even starting to do the backstroke!
Sensory Swim Sterling | Swimming Machine Brandon

Swimming Machine Brandon

Thanks Guys!!"

Maribel & Stephen- Vienna, Virginia

"Swimming lessons with Andrew are the highlight of our week!

My 4-year old son Calvin, who has been diagnosed with autism, has made amazing progress in the pool first with Mary, and then Andrew.

We started with Mary in June 2014, and then due to a schedule change caused by the pool, switched to Andrew at the beginning of August.

Sensory Swim Chantilly | Mary Sunshine Ross & Swimming Machine Calvin

Mary & Swimming Machine Calvin

Both Andrew and Mary are unfailingly patient, kind, upbeat, and have an incredible knack for working with children with special needs.

Calvin rapidly surpassed the swimming skills of his 6 -year old typically developing brother and is now swimming on his own.

Elizabeth  - Centreville, Virginia 

"My daughter has been learning to swim with Mary for about a year now.

We have tried private lessons for the last 5 years with no success.

She loves the water and we wanted her to learn to swim so she could be safe in and around the water.

She has made so much progress with Mary and is swimming.

Sensory Swim| Sterling, Virginia  | Katelyn & Mary Sunshine Ross

Above: Katelyn & Mary

Mary and Andrew are wonderful people who know how to teach kids with special needs to swim and be safe in the water.

My daughter is finally able to hold her breath and go underwater without choking for the first time after 5 years of trying to teach her personally and with other professional services.

I highly recommend Sensory Swim if you are looking for successful swim lessons for your special needs kids."

Ashley| Leesburg, Virginia  

"Andrew has been giving my son swim lessons for over a year now.  

I wasn't sure how long it would take for Nico to learn to swim since he was 6 and has never swam without a vest.

Sensory Swim Sterling Andrew HaHa Ross & Nico

Above: Andrew & Nico

I can tell you that not only can he swim now but he can go to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a ring!

This is amazing for a child that didn't ever put his face in the water.

Andrew and Mary are exceptional instructors with loads of patience.

They are loving and kind to my sweet special needs child and that speaks volumes.

I would highly recommend them and Sensory Swim - a God sent and blessing for our family."

Jan - Herndon, Virginia

"Our son, Chris, has been taking lessons with Andrew for the past year.

Although Chris loves the water, he didn't have any swimming skills or strategies to stay safe in a large body of water.

After a year we are confident that Chris can tread water, can swim well enough to get to a safe spot, and that he knows his
limitations in terms of coming into contact with an unfamiliar swimming hole.

Chris absolutely loves the time spends with Andrew in the pool.

Sensory Swim Chantilly | Andrew HaHa Ross & Swimming Machine Christopher

Above: Swimming Machine Chris

He has gained a confidence that goes beyond his swimming lessons.

It is one of his favorite activities and he looks forward eagerly to his weekly lesson.

We give the highest recommendation to Sensory Swim - to Andrew and to Mary - who truly love the kids and want to see them succeed."

Carla - Ashburn, Virginia 

"For over four years our 7-year old son has been taking swimming lessons.

We have been through four or five instructors without making any progress.

That is until he started taking lessons with Sensory Swim's Andrew & Mary

Sensory Swim Sterling | Swimming Machine Xavier

Above: Swimming Machine Xavier

We drive one hour each way for once a week lessons.

Last week, our son actually dog-paddled across the deep end of the pool.

I have shed lots of tears watching him struggle these last four years.

Last week, my tears were full of joy.

Andrew & Mary are helping our son to develop confidence & a skill that he will have for the rest of his life.

Shari - Washington , DC

"What Andrew and Mary do is nothing short of miraculous

They are fabulous with each and every person no matter what their needs are and their hearts could be no bigger or more open !!

Sensory Swim Sterling | Mary Sunshine Ross with Swimming Machine Dan & Andrew HaHa  Ross

Above: Mary , Swimming Machine Dan & Andrew

It is such a pleasure to watch them in action !! :)

Judy | Sterling, Virginia 

Are you ready to reduce the chance of your child drowning by more than 88% and finally turn your child into a swimming machine?   

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