Who Else Wants To
Enjoy Their Vacation
Sitting Poolside Drinking A Cold One....

Instead Of Being In The Pool With Their Child Clinging To Them For Dear Life?

When was the last time you sat on the side of the pool during your vacation & actually enjoyed a cold one?

It's 5:00 Somewhere

When was the last time you caught a tan knowing that your child was safe splashing around & swimming in the pool?

If you just screamed never.....

We're Here To Make Your Next Vacation One To Remember....

We've helped thousands of parents fulfill their dreams of kicking it poolside.

There's only one question that we have to ask.

Are you ready to finally turn your child into a swimming machine and enjoy the vacation of your dreams?

If you said Yes our
  • extremely enjoyable
  • exceedingly effective
  • perfectly fitted
  • private
  • special needs swim lessons

might be exactly what you've been looking for.

But since you are on our site there is a big chance that you've been let down by other smooth talking swim schools before.

We're not about to let you down.

So let's make a deal shall we?

Read a few of the success stories below that represent just a handful of the thousands in our vault.

After that if you feel like this is a good fit for you & your child feel free to apply to turn your child into a swimming machine at one of our four year round locations.  

A fair warning many many parents apply for the program but since there is only two of us... it could take a while to get you in.


And of course if you discover that Sensory Swim isn't your beverage of choice ( we mean program)

We wish you the best of luck in finding a special needs swim program that will help you enjoy a cold one on the side of the pool during your dream vacation really soon.

Shoot us an email & our super hero/ administrative assistant Abbey Hughes will even help you find another one.

Andrew & Mary
aka Sensory Swim


Sensory Swim Smiles

Above: Mary Sunshine, Dan The Man & Andrew HaHa

"What Andrew and Mary do is nothing short of miraculous

They are fabulous with each and every person no matter
what their needs are and their hearts could be no bigger
or more open !!

It is such a pleasure to watch them in action !! :)

Judy | Sterling, Virginia 

Sensory Swim Diving

Above: Devin The Diver Doing His Thing                                                                                                                           

"Sensory Swim is by far the best program that I have
ever enrolled my son in.

He's only been enrolled for 3 months, but he absolutely
loves going to his lessons, and wishes that they were
longer than the half hour!

Devin has had one on one lessons at the Y and got along
well with the instructor as he does with everyone, but the
connections seemed out of obligation versus pure joy
for the service that was being offered.

Unlike Sensory Swim who obviously enjoy teaching, cares
for the children, and want everyone to be successful.

The lessons can be fun and innovative, but is also very

We are extremely happy with Andrew and Mary's
commitment, patience, love and pride for what
they do, respect for everyone, and the love
between them, which makes this an
exceptionally well rounded program
just for us!

The children also feels a sense of pride from their
achievements, big or small.

If you are looking for a safe, friendly, family
environment, then I highly recommend this
program to anyone who has a child with
special needs and who want their
children to be safe in and around
the water.

Sensory Swim = AWESOME!"

Tamara | Windsor Mill, Maryland

Little Andrew is featured in the video above.

His success story is below

"Let me tell you a bit about Sensory Swim.

My wife was the one that did the research and came
across Andrew and Mary's website.

It sounded like a perfect idea.

Initially I contacted Andrew.

He was very prompt in returning my first phone call.

His genuine concern about every child prospect and
caring about the impact and importance of the
special swimming program, instilled credence
in how they could help my son.

Every lesson I take my son to is a learning experience.

My son is instructed by Mary, who my son has phenomenal
chemistry with.

Watching her technique, I understand what and why she
is doing it but i would never of thought of it myself.

Andrew and Mary are God sent to our family!

Every lesson I take my son to is an exciting learning

It's very exciting watching him make progress.

I root for him behind the two way mirror like I'm at
the Super Bowl!

My son is now 4 1/2 months in and he has done things I
didn't think he could do in the water.

Thank you Andrew & Mary for being part of our journey!"

Eric | Washington, DC

Katelyn & Sensory Swim

Pictured Above: Katelyn & Mary Sunshine

"My daughter has been learning to swim with Mary for
about a year now.

We have tried private lessons for the last 5 years with
no success.

She loves the water and we wanted her to learn to swim
so she could be safe in and around the water.

She has made so much progress with Mary and is swimming

Mary and Andrew are wonderful people who know how to
teach kids with special needs to swim and be safe in the

My daughter is finally able to hold her breath and go
underwater without choking for the first time after 5
years of trying to teach her personally and with
other professional services.

I highly recommend Sensory Swim if you are looking for
affordable, quality, and successful swim lessons for
your special needs kids."

Ashley | Leesburg, Virginia

Sensory Swim Michael

Above: Meet Michael

"I can't recommend them enough!

My son has been working with Andrew and Mary for almost
3 years and he wishes every day was Thursday (the night
he goes swimming).

They have so much patience and tailor how they teach to
your child's strengths.

We drive 45 min each way to swim lessons because they
are so awesome!

Jenn | Joppa, Maryland

Sensory Swim Rock Stars

Above: Hunter & Andrew Back In The Day When Sensory Swim Offered Respite Care

" Andrew and Mary are truly awesome!

My son spent at least 4 years with them until we moved.

He learned some remarkable things and their patience is

I miss them dearly as does Hunter.

If you have the opportunity to set your child up with
Sensory Swim, it will truly be a life changing
experience for you and your child!

Janet | Reisterstown, Maryland
Marek At Sensory Swim Sterling

Above: Marek Holding His Breath So You Don't Have Too

"We first tried group swimming lessons when my grandson
was five years old.

He hated the classes and was scared of getting in the
pool .

I had heard about Sensory Swimming program in Maryland
but could not find a comparable program in Virginia where
we live.

Later, we tried a few months of private swimming
lessons at the local YMCA.

My grandson who has sensory integration issues was
always cold in the pool and did not make any

Luckily, a few months ago I discovered that Mary and
Andrew began giving classes in Sterling ,Virginia and
we were able to enroll my grandson in their program .

He is now eight years old and for the first time he
loves his weekly swimming lesson.

Both Mary and Andrew are patient, innovating and make
their lessons to be fun.

It is obvious that they really care for the children
they teach.

My grandson is proud of his progress and has a lot of

We are extremely happy we found Sensory Swimming and I
recommend this program highly to anyone who has a child
with special needs."

Anna - Reston, Virginia 

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