What Every Parent Oughta Know About Special Needs Swim Lessons

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You most likely already know that
  • Roughly 1/2, or 48%, of children on the autism spectrum attempt to elope from a safe environment, a rate nearly 4 times higher than their unaffected siblings.
  • Between 2009-2011, accidental drowning accounted for 91% total U.S. deaths reported in children with autism between the ages of 14 and younger subsequent to wandering / elopement.
  • Private special needs swim lessons at Sensory Swim reduce the chance of your child drowning by more than 88%.
As parents you want the best for your child and you should never accept anything less.

But sadly most have but it's not their fault.


The Ugly Truth About Special Needs Swim Programs

Hey it's Andrew & Mary of Sensory Swim and today we are sharing with you in depth what we know first hand about special needs swim programs.

Below is a picture of us so you can put our names to our faces.


Warning this will shock you.

In 2006 after traveling the country checking out special needs swim programs we noticed one thing in common about all of them.

They had no intention to actually teach their students how to swim.

We sat down and talked at length with instructors and swim school owners from around the country and the overwhelming majority of  them said two things over and over again.
  • Kids with autism and other special needs can't be taught how to swim.
  • We don't know how to teach these kids how to swim 

Needless to say we were disgusted. 

How are special needs children suppose to learn how to swim when their instructors don't give them a fighting chance.

And why are these swim schools even offering special needs swim lessons if they believe that these kids can't learn how to swim, and they don't know how to teach them.

So out of necessity Sensory Swim was born.

A Special Needs Swim Program That Nobody Wanted But Everybody Needed...

The second trip around the country we traveled to the same swim schools that offered these so called "swim lessons for special needs children" and chatted with them about having us come in and actually teach these kids how to swim and they laughed at us. 

The idea of two special educators coming in and teaching a special needs student how to swim within six months was something thousands of swim schools laughed at. 

And we don't mean talk about us behind our back, they laughed at us in front of our faces. 

But you know what they say

"First They Laugh At You, Then They Copy You."

Our first year was at a local YMCA and they got to see with their own eyes what two dedicated caring special educators actually could do.

And like the faceless corporation they are they offered us a huge buyout and when we gently declined they rudely kicked us out.

We were without a pool and we just turned down a lot of money. 

Talk about a swift kick in the a$$

Since then they have started a number of Sensory Swim programs with little to no success, all while infringing on our trademark.

But everybody knows that people invest in people, well not everybody the Y is still lacking in that area

And while our team of lawyers keep hounding us to go after them here's why we won't.

Their copy cat programs remind us that 

"First They Laugh At You, Then They Copy You"

Sensory Swim® : Underdogs, Misfits, And The Art Of Battling Giants

If you just found Sensory Swim, let us bring you up to speed.

After the Ymca hit the eject button we landed in a smaller pool at a small health club.

After several months they too tried to buy our program for a lot less and we declined again.

You think we would have learned our lesson the first time but nope...

Eject button #2 initiated.

If you get knocked down you stay down or you can conquer the world and that's the option we chose.

The two of us were underdogs,  misfits without a pool to call home but we knew the art of battling giants.

After all Sensory Swim has always been the place where impossible odds set the stage for God's amazing miracles.

In 2011 we finally found our home when word of mouth about Sensory Swim reached The KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools- America's largest provider of year round warm water swimming instruction, operating 24 locations across 5 states, teaching over 100,000 students annually.

Since then we've been turning kids with special needs into swimming machines while having the time our lives in the same school their siblings are learning to swim

And after all this time your kid will be laughing & we will be laughing because we found out that some truths never change.

"First They Laugh At You , Then They Copy You"

And that has been Sensory Swim's secret sauce since day one.

When we started this journey so many years ago those swim schools were under the impression that we wanted to be like them.

When in fact we started this whole journey after reading the following quote by G.K. Chesterton

""I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite."  

We now have five year round locations located in 
  • Bel Air, Maryland
  • Chantilly, Virginia 
  • Lutherville, Maryland (Small Win Academy)
  • Springfield, Virginia
  • Sterling, Virginia 
and have turned over 4,000 kids & counting into swimming machines with our
  • extremely enjoyable
  • exceedingly effective
  • perfectly fitted
  • private special needs swim lessons
Here's to making your child unstoppable,  

PS. We can't wait to turn your child into a swimming machine.

Feel free to scroll down the rest of this page to read a handful of Sensory Swim success stories.

This is just a small sample from the thousands of success stories we have in our possession.

Results are typical!   

✔ They Know Their Stuff ✔

Before Sensory Swim we had tried numereous other swim lessons and none of those instructors were trained or knowledgeable in how to work with children on the autism spectrum.

There was also a very high turnover in instructors even though they were private swimming lessons.

Sensory Swim provides the consistency we've been searching for and Andrew & Mary have great personalities.

Above: Jackson at Sensory Swim® in Springfield, Virginia

It gives us a lot of peace knowing they have tons of methods that work with "quirky" kiddos and they know how to expect and deal with the unexpected.

They know their stuff.

Overall, we have been very pleased with the quality of instruction and will continue to work with them as long as we are able to do so.

Charity & Travis - Alexandria, Virginia

✔ Definitely Impressive ✔

"My grandson Jakob started swimming lessons two months ago with Mary and I couldn't be happier with it.

Jakob is 5 and autistic.

He attends school, speech, and previously a feeding clinic, and he has had a hard time adjusting to all of them. 


It took months for him to feel comfortable in school.

On his first swim lesson Jakob was hesitant to go into the pool area but by the end of that lesson he didn't want to leave.

Every week when he sees me packing his swim bag he gets so excited and when we get to the pool he practically pulls me to the door to wait for Mary.

He is so happy in the pool and so comfortable with Mary

She has a very calm approach with him which he really responds to.

Although Andrew is working with another child while Jakob is having his lesson, he always comes over and says hi and high fives Jakob.

They really seem to enjoy the kids they work with, and I'm convinced that's why Jakob has taken to it so quickly.

In over two years in school the teachers have been unable to find anything that interests Jakob, so to see him loving swimming and making progress in so little time is definitely impressive.

I would and have recommended Sensory Swim .

Thanks for being there."

Laura - Edgewood, Maryland  ( Harford County)

✔ The Highlight Of Our Week ✔

"Swimming lessons with Andrew are the highlight of our week! 

My 4-year old son Calvin, who has been diagnosed with autism, has made amazing progress in the pool first with Mary, and then Andrew. 

We started with Mary in June 2014, and then due to a schedule change caused by the pool, switched to Andrew at the beginning of August.

Calvin rapidly surpassed the swimming skills of his 6 -year old typically developing brother and is now swimming on his own.

Elizabeth  - Centreville, Virginia (Fairfax County)

✔ A Life Changing Experience ✔

"Andrew and Mary are truly awesome!

My son spent at least 4 years with them until we moved.
Andrew rocking out with Hunter during his birthday party!!

Hunter & Andrew rocking out during Hunter's Birthday Party!

He learned some remarkable things and their patience is unbelievable.

I miss them dearly as does Hunter.

If you have the opportunity to set your child up with Sensory Swim, it will truly be a life changing experience for you and your child! "

Janet - Former resident of Reisterstown, Maryland (Baltimore County)

✔ Extremely Happy ✔

" We first tried group swimming lessons when my grandson was five years old. 

He hated the classes and was scared of getting in the pool.

I had heard about the Sensory Swim program in Maryland but could not find a comparable program in Virginia where we live.


Later, we tried a few months of private swimming lessons at the local YMCA.

My grandson who has sensory integration issues was always cold in the pool and did not make any progress.

Luckily, a few months ago I discovered that Mary and Andrew began giving classes in Sterling ,Virginia and we were able to enroll my grandson in their program .

He is now eight years old and for the first time he loves his weekly swimming lesson.

Both Mary and Andrew are patient, innovating and make their lessons to be fun.

It is obvious that they really care for the children they teach.

My grandson is proud of his progress and has a lot of fun.

We are extremely happy we found Sensory Swim and I recommend this program highly to anyone who has a child with special needs."

Anna - Reston, Virginia (Fairfax County)

✔ So Much Patience ✔

"I can't recommend them enough!

My son has been working with Andrew and Mary for almost 3 years and he wishes every day was Thursday (the night he goes swimming).

Above: Andrew & Michael @ Sensory Swim® in Bel Air, Maryland

They have so much patience and tailor how they teach to your child's strengths.

Before they opened their Bel Air location we drove 45 mins each way because they are so awesome!

Jenn - Joppa, Maryland (Harford County)

✔ Phenomenal Chemistry ✔

"Let me tell you a bit about Sensory Swim. My wife was the one that did the research and came across Andrew and Mary's website. It sounded like a perfect idea.

Initially I contacted Andrew.He was very prompt in returning my first phone call. His genuine concern about every child prospect and caring about the impact and importance of the special swimming program, instilled credence in how they could help my son.

Every lesson I take my son to is a learning experience. My son is instructed by Mary, who my son has phenomenal chemistry with.Watching her technique, I understand what and why she is doing it but i would never of thought of it myself.

Andrew and Mary are a Godsent to our family! Every lesson I take my son to is an exciting learning experience. It's very exciting watching him make progress.

I root for him behind the two way mirror like I'm at the Super Bowl! 

My son is now 4 1/2 months in and he has done things I didn't think he could do in the water. Thank you Andrew and Mary for being part of our journey" 

Eric - Washington, DC

✔ Devoted To Their Students ✔

"My toddler has severe CP and we wanted him to work on range of motion and develop motor skills in the water- perhaps even swim one day.

We found Sensory Swim through a friend with autistic sons who had worked with Mary for a long time.

She & Andrew are amazing- calm, gentle and reassuring.   
Sensory Swim Lutherville | Peter


They are devoted to their students.

I see each of them with other kids before and after my son's lessons, and can see Mary and Andrew engage on a deep level with the children.

My son absolutely loves his classes and Mary, and we are grateful for the skills he has learned so far.

Cannot recommend the program highly enough. "

Jessica - Lutherville, Maryland (Baltimore County)

✔ A Phenomenal Job ✔

"Just a huge shout out to Sensory Swim & what a phenomenal job they have done with our 2 boys. 
We had been trying unsuccessfully to get them to swim for over 2 years & within a few months they can both fully swim & Christian is even starting to do the backstroke!
Thanks Guys!!"

Maribel & Stephen- Vienna, Virginia ( Fairfax County)  

✔ Very Effective ✔

"Sensory Swim is by far the best program that I have ever enrolled my son in.

He's only been enrolled for 3 months, but he absolutely loves going to his lessons, and wishes that they were longer than the half hour!

Devin has had one on one lessons at the Y and got along well with the instructor as he does with everyone, but the connections seemed out of obligation versus pure joy for the service that was being offered.

Unlike Sensory Swim who obviously enjoy teaching, cares for the children, and want everyone to be successful.

The lessons can be fun and innovative, but is also very effective.

We are extremely happy with Andrew and Mary's commitment, patience, love and pride for what they do, respect for everyone, and the love between them, which makes this an exceptionally well rounded program just for us!

The children also feels a sense of pride from their achievements, big or small.

If you are looking for a safe, friendly, family environment, then I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a child with special needs and who want their children to be safe in and around the water.

Sensory Swim = AWESOME!"

Tamara | Windsor Mill, Maryland ( Baltimore County)

✔ Happy Tears ✔

"For over four years our 7-year old son has been taking swimming lessons. 

We have been through four or five instructors without making any progress.

That is until he started taking lessons with Sensory Swim's Andrew & Mary
Sensory Swim Sterling | Swimming Machine Xavier


We drive one hour each way for once a week lessons.

Last week, our son actually dog-paddled across the deep end of the pool.

I have shed lots of tears watching him struggle these last four years.

Last week, my tears were full of joy.

Andrew & Mary are helping our son to develop confidence & a skill that he will have for the rest of his life.

Shari - Washington , DC

✔ So Much Progress ✔

"My daughter has been learning to swim with Mary for about a year now.

We have tried private lessons for the last 5 years with no success.

She loves the water and we wanted her to learn to swim so she could be safe in and around the water.

She has made so much progress with Mary and is swimming.

Above: Mary & Katelyn at Sensory Swim® in Sterling, Virginia.

Mary and Andrew are wonderful people who know how to teach kids with special needs to swim and be safe in the water.

My daughter is finally able to hold her breath and go underwater without choking for the first time after 5 years of trying to teach her personally and with other professional services.

I highly recommend Sensory Swim if you are looking for successful swim lessons for your special needs kids."

Ashley| Leesburg, Virginia  

✔ All The Difference ✔

"My son has been going to Andrew for about a year & a half.

He's on the spectrum & as most kids go - he loves the water!

I was terrified hearing stories of kids drowning especially since we were going on a trip to Mexico & it was pools, oceans galore.

He joined Sensory Swim a few months prior to the trip with the goal of water safety.

I have to say my trip to Mexico & any other pool visits since then have been a pleasure.

He is completely at ease with all the abilities of floating, swimming to the edge etc that constitute water safety.

My younger one had water anxiety even though he is typical. 

The anxiety was very vivid and restrictive in that he was very afraid of the water and being in the pools. 

He joined his brother for lessons with Mary and he's now doing very well and is able to take regular swim lessons with other kids his age.

Sensory Swim is great and Andrew & Mary made all the difference for my boys!"

Brinda | Baltimore, Maryland

✔ An Incredible Experience ✔

" Our adult daughter with Down Syndrome started lessons with Mary at Sensory Swim about a year ago, and it has been an incredible experience for her.

One of the first things we noticed was that she was looking right into Mary's face and smiling most of the time she was in the water.
Laughing is also a big part of her swimming. 

For someone who doesn't show her emotions very openly, that really stood out!

When she started lessons, she was afraid of deep water, very hesitant to put her face in the water, and hesitant to try much of anything without holding on someone or something.

Sensory Swim Lutherville | Erin


But Mary's patience and expertise have brought her to where she will try almost anything.

She frequently puts her face in the water, dives in from the side of the pool, and was even swimming on her back by herself.

I am amazed at her progress and can't wait to see what new thing she will do each week!

Not only is she making progress in learning to swim, she is gaining a lot of confidence in herself and what she can accomplish.

We are so grateful to Mary and Andrew for their input into our daughter's life!"

Louise & Dave - Westminister, Maryland ( Carroll County)

✔ Exceptional Instructors ✔

"Andrew has been giving my son swim lessons for over a year now.  

I wasn't sure how long it would take for Nico to learn to swim since he was 6 and has never swam without a vest. 
Sensory Swim Sterling Andrew HaHa Ross & Nico


I can tell you that not only can he swim now but he can go to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a ring!

This is amazing for a child that didn't ever put his face in the water.

Andrew and Mary are exceptional instructors with loads of patience.

They are loving and kind to my sweet special needs child and that speaks volumes.

I would highly recommend them and Sensory Swim - a God sent and blessing for our family."

Jan - Herndon, Virginia 

✔ A Change Of Heart ✔

"I’m dropping you a quick line to let you know that Kyle has had a change of heart.

Every year for the past three or four years Kyle has been required to fill out a multiple choice questionnaire and write a brief narrative at school about his favorite sport. 

For the past several years his choice has been the same – basketball.


Well this time around when filling out the questionnaire, he made it very clear that his previous selections are no longer valid & swimming is now his new favorite sport! 

Kyle truly loves his Friday sessions and looks forward to laps in the pool with his favorite instructor – Andrew! 

Thanks for all you do. "

June - Fort Howard, Maryland

✔ I Have Never Been As Happy ✔

"Andrew and Mary are some of the most dedicated,compassionate people I have ever known.

They worked with my 7 year old son week to week with such energy, positivity and expertise.

I have never been as happy with my sons swimming lessons as I have with them.

They are on time and always ready to go.

If you have a child with special needs and you want them to learn how to swim than definitely give these guys a call."

Heather - Nottingham, Maryland

✔ 3 Weeks ✔

"Andrew & Mary got my son swimming in 3 weeks! 

We never expected it to happen so fast. 

This has made such a difference in our lives. 

Andrew & Mary really know how to connect with these special children & teach them.

They are angels from above. 

Beth- Mclean, Virginia

✔ Extremely Effective ✔

"The team at Sensory Swim is extremely effective at providing high quality swim lessons to children with special needs.

My son is autistic and looked forward to lessons each week.
Sensory Swim Parker


We are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief around water ways.

If you are looking for caring, experienced instructors , look no further.

Sensory Swim is the place for special kids and special parents. "

Yindra - Baltimore, Maryland

"What Andrew and Mary do is nothing short of miraculous

Above: Dan & Andrew at Sensory Swim® in Sterling, Virginia

They are fabulous with each and every person no matter what their needs are and their hearts could be no bigger or moreopen !!
It is such a pleasure to watch them in action !! :)

Judy | Sterling, Virginia