How Autistic Kids Will Force Michael Phelps To Retire 


Who else wants to know how to turn their
autistic child into a swimming machine?

A swimming machine like Michael Phelps.

We Are Pretty Sure You Do. 

After all you are on a website all about 
swimming lessons for autistic kids

We are glad we all agree on that. 

Here's Five Additional Things We Are Pretty
Sure Of

Feel free to contact us if we are wrong. 

But be warned you would be the 
first & we
have easy access to water.

The First Thing We Are Pretty Sure Of Is

if your still reading this you have a sense 
of humor & we will get along great.

Or you're shaking your head criticizing our
playful personalities. 

In that case we can guarantee that this
program won't be a good fit for 

At Sensory Swim you need to be cool like

If your not 
click here to exit now

If your still here you know that life is to
short to be so tense all the time. 

Pat yourself on the back  

The Second Thing We Are Pretty Sure Of Is

that you are sitting down staring at the
official website of Sensory Swim


if your like most of the parents we have the
pleasure of meeting 
you have your phone
out in your hands scrolling while doing a 

million other things.

We salute the super hero in you 

The Third Thing That We Are Pretty Sure
Of Is 

that your internet is working.


by chance you are at work (we won't judge).

Or you know how to use wi-fi 

The Fourth Thing That We Are Pretty Sure
Of Is 

if your checking out this site you are either
  • new
  • relatively new
  • overwhelmed
  • struggling
  • doing well but not where you want to be
in your childs journey to becoming a swimming

That was a keyboard full (pun intended)

The Fifth Thing We Know For Sure Is Your
Search Ends HERE.

By now you realize how important it is for
your child to learn how to 

But you also realize that it's easier to earn
a masters degree than it is to find the
right instructor for your child.

With that in mind we designed Sensory Swim
from start to finish to
  • direct
  • motivate
  • shape
your child into a swimming machine.

For almost a decade we have traveled the 
country non stop to teach 3,247 kids & 
counting how to swim with the help of
  • extremely enjoyable
  • exceedingly effective
  • perfectly fitted
  • private swimming lessons 
for kids on the autism spectrum

When you join the Sensory Swim family, you 
join a supportive environment where

  • perpetual progress is standard
  • directions are clear
  • motivation never ends

Kick off your shoes & browse the rest of the

It's filled to the brim with

  • Autism resources
  • success stories (see below)

We are currently on the Happy Grace Giving
which means until July we will be
turning autistic kids into swimming
machines in the following cities.

  • Sterling, Virginia
  • Chantilly, Virginia
  • Bel Air, Maryland

Thanks for dropping by our website.

Fill out this enrollment form and we can
start chatting soon about how Michael
Phelps would retire if he knew that he
had to compete against your child.

We understand you have goals for your child.

We are here to help you reach them.

Mary & Andrew